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Photo Discover the portrait of the pioneer of networks

Most children do not know what they will do later and do not even think about the career they would like to have. On the other hand, the creator of Eurocenter is not part of this category of children; he was already different even during his childhood. With the innovative and creative spirit he had from then, he succeeded and excelled in his favorite field: video games.

With his expertise and his skills but above all his determination, he managed to create his own game at the age of 14 only. A first success that opened the portal of the world of his dreams. So, with the first company he worked with, he started living off his passions: video games and computer networks.

An engineering contractor

Even working on behalf of various companies, and living his passion to the fullest, he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, he very quickly wanted to run his own business. With all the skills he has acquired, he has launched his own company. In 1989, he founded Eurocenter.

A company that focuses on the production of video games. And the first video game Eurocenter launched was one of the best known at the time: GraalOnline: one of the first games totally French but also playable in multiplayer mode. When we look at the path of this pioneer, we can only note that he has a very impressive resume. A course that has allowed him to accumulate all the skills and knowledge in the world of video and digital games. For example, he worked for giants like:

  •  Pont.fr
  •  Inmob,
  •  Linux
  •  but also Neogeo

With positions of responsibility as important in all his businesses, he quickly demonstrated that he was capable of more. The combination of his passions and his determination also helped him a lot in his positions.

A company like no other

Known for the quality games it provides, Eurocenter Games is the pioneering company that has made the world of mobile games what it is like, as we know we know it today. For example, his company helped set up the first games on the App Store. Eurocenter Games also created of one of the epic games of the time that many still know today: GraalOnline.

Still more news coming soon

Always in the perpetual search for innovation, Stephane Portha (https://www.stephane-portha.pw/) has focused his attention on mobile games and GraalOnline has very quickly evolved and now has several versions. All his games are also available on Android and Ios platforms. Thus, they are more accessible while maintaining their fluid and entertaining nature. Among the versions, one can count GraalOnline +. One of the first versions of the famous game.

In this game, you will explore and visit other planets, some stars and galaxies of the universe. Particularly realistic, this game also has an excellent graphics. As another version of the game, we can also appreciate Era +. One of the most realistic versions. In this game, you will evolve in an urban but especially chaotic world. Between street gangs and territory battle, this game also benefits from excellent feedback from gamers. With a number of games sold by 8 million, St├ęphane Portha has become a pioneer in the world of video games.